Guidlines for Promotions and Demotions

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Guidlines for Promotions and Demotions

Post  Achidan on Sat Mar 01, 2008 4:06 am

When Omega Council gives a promotion several factors are looked at to make this decision. Not all factors must be met or outstanding to gain promotion. However, the more factors you have and excel at the greater your chances for promotion. In addition, each factor is looked at and graded on a scale to determine promotion eligibility.

  • Game Activity

  • Forum and Guild chat participation

  • Contributions to Guild and Guild Bank

  • Attitude and Helpfulness

  • Character level

* Bonus points can be given in the form of Commendations *
Sire can give 1-20 commendations to each member.
Bishop can give 1-10 commendations to each member.
Lord can give 1-5 commendations to each member.

What is needed to get promotion
Peasant = automatic
Commoner = 40/100 (promotion points)
Noble = 50/100
Knight and Congressman = 80/100 and be appointed by Sire, Bishop, and Lords.
Field Marshal and Senator = 85/100 and be appointed.
Lord = appointed
Bishop = appointed
Sire = founder

Member is very active = 5/5
Member never posts = 0/5
Member makes occasional deposits to guild bank = 4/20
member is quite helpful to other guild members = 31/50
members char level is 18 = 6/20
4 point bonus for proficiency with professions

total: 49/100 = eligible for Noble Rank

when Omega Council gives a demotion several factors are taken into consideration.
From these factors the Sire, Bishop and Lord can issue Demerits...each demerit removes a promotion point from the member. If a member ends up with negative promotion points they will be banished from the guild.


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